Lisdoonvarna to China

It’s been a very busy but very exciting few months. A few weeks after I returned from initial meetings with Pegas Touristik in Russia, I flew out to China for meetings with top level representatives from a Chinese tour operator, CITS.

We trip to China was amazing, and even though I only got to spend a few days there I know that the Chinese market would be an enormous coup for the White Hotel Group. The few days I had were jam packed with meetings so hopefully they will pay off.

It was a great benefit to me at the meetings that the Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping had recently visited Ireland. I think there is great potential for Ireland with the Chinese market, especially with the recent granting of planning permission for the Chinese Hub in Athlone.

I have 1 or 2 more trips to make to other countries in the coming weeks to build relationships and increase our share of the tourist market so hopefully they will be successful! I’ll keep you posted.

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Russian Trip

I spent a few days in Russia in April meeting with tour group operators, and specifically Pegas Touristik who are one of Russia’s main tour operators.  

Pegas is a well known tour operator that brings hundreds of thousands of Russian tourists on holidays around the world each year.

I am hoping that we will be able to forge a relationship with Pegas which will result in Ireland becoming one of the many destinations that is offered to the Russian market.

I would appreciate any assistance from anyone who can help strengthen the ties between Ireland and the Russian tourist market so please contact me if you have any suggestions or tips!

My contact details are:
Marcus White
White Hotel Group
Co. Clare


I’ll keep the blog updated with progress!

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Students & Summer work

If you know any students looking for work for the Summer, have a look at our page.  There may be positions that suit them in our various Hotels around the country.

They can send cvs to or by post to Marcus White, Hydro Hotel, Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare

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Matchmaker Website

The Matchmaker website has been updated for the 2012 season.  Have a look and let us know what you think.

We’ve added a counter that shows how many days to go until the festival kicks off.

Visit the site at where you’ll see details of what is happening this year.

Marcus White

(Organiser of the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival)

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Busy Week

We are well and truly into the swing of things at the White Hotel Group. Thankfully it will be non stop until the end of the year.

I’ve been at a trade show in Holland this week, spreading the word about the wonder of the Irish Welcome.

Earlier in the week there were journalists and economists talking on the radio about how Ireland is so unique in that no other country could pull off an event like St Patricks Day. For a small country we are lucky to be able to promote Ireland across the world with ease. I can’t remember what Failte Ireland said the value of the day in terms of worldwide advertising is but it was definately 10s of millions.

Maybe that’s where the saying “the luck of the Irish” comes from!

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And we’re off

We are more than half way through the month of March, and Lisdoonvarna is starting to rustle to life.  The hotels are starting to open, and those that are not open are tidying up, doing a Spring clean and getting ready for the busy season which will start to unfold over the past few weeks.

We are excited about what this season will bring. We are hoping that this Season, and especially the Matchmaking Festival will be busier than ever.  If you are wondering about your summer holidays, please consider spending some time in Lisdoonvarna.  We all know how important it is to support local jobs, so that the money can be spent in the local economy.

If you have any queries about Lisdoonvarna or the Festival please contact me: Marcus White, Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare or call the Hydro Hotel 065 7074005

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From Lisdoonvarna to Russia with Love

It’s been a crazy week this week.  Things are starting to take off for the new season and plans are well under way to secure new bookings for next year.

The Earl of Desmond Hotel in Tralee re-opened on Monday.  I was in Germany working with our Tour Operators there to ensure that they are happy with the service and everything that the White Hotel Tours has to offer.  We are still looking for German speaking hotel staff so if you know anyone suitable please tell them about where we have posted information on job vacancies.

I am planning a trip to Russia in the next week or so to promote our hotels and ultimately our country.  I am looking forward to meeting the Tour Operators to see what they are looking for and to highlight why they should come to visit us in Lisdoonvarna and our other hotels.

Will post more updates soon!

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Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival – BBC Podcast

I’ve just found this podcast Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival September 2011.

Lisdoonvarna is famous all over the world.  People talk about the festival all year round not just in September!

Also found that Radio New Zealand put up a link to the same podcast last week!

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Social Media Course

During the winter I attended a Social Media and Online Marketing Course that was run by the Limerick City Enterprise Board.

I see that they are running the course again in March and in May.  I would recommend the course to anyone who is running a business and who wants to get more familiar with the area of Facebook, Twitter etc.

I found the course informative and met some interesting people.  The link to the upcoming course is here



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2012 Season Lisdoonvarna

We are getting ready for the 2012 season to kick off in a few weeks here in Lisdoonvarna.  We’ve worked hard over the last 12 months to ensure that we secure bookings from tours from the UK & Germany to visit us in Co. Clare.

We have over 16,000 German tourists booked for this year, that should be worth approx. €12m to the economy!

We are expanding our tour bookings into the Austrian market at the moment. We have a new rep in Austria who is working to promote tourism to Ireland.  We have set up a website that has contact details if you are interested in finding out more.

If you have any other queries about tourism in Lisdoonvarna please contact Marcus White, Hydro Hotel, Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare.  Tel: +353 65 7074005 or email


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